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employee of the month!

Well, we all know it's either me or Bernice. And let me just cut to the chase... it's Bernice!! While I generally and mostly knead my bread dough by hand, doing the lion's share of the work, Bernice realized this left her too much down time. She is more than just a pretty face. So she offered to help expand our product-line. She came up with some great ideas for other tasty treats, including classic New England Whoopie Pies, flaky delicious Raspberry Brambles and who can resist the temptation of a Half Moon Cookie?! We don't stock products waiting to sell. You order and we make them! Every time Bernice and I try out a new creation we test the first batch out on friends and family. The second batch goes directly to the families at Genesis. Then we wait for your orders. Just like our bread sales, we make double what you order. You get your order and the duplicate order goes to those in need. Fresh-baked with love and gratitude perfect for sharing.

And speaking of sharing.... thank YOU for sharing this journey!

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