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Next week Village Bread will not be in operation. Because I am going on pilgrimage, to King Arthur Flour in Vermont. I will be taking a 4-day bread-baking intensive. I can't wait! And I'm super nervous. I've taught myself how to make good bread with the help of kind friends, some YouTube videos and other online learning. But the bulk of my knowledge has been gained through trial and error and I daresay that a good amount of my success has been pure dumb luck. I worry that a little knowledge will be a dangerous thing. That all the recipes I've "perfected" will suddenly be *wrong* and that by making them *the right way* I will no longer achieve *good bread* results. I'm worried that I will have to unlearn whatever bad habits I have perfected over the last decade. But I'm also really looking forward to learning new things, expanding my understanding of bread-baking and being around other bread enthusiasts.

I gave Bernice the week off. She's going on a cruise.

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